Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bucket List

Part of a CJ on UKScrappers is the fabulous and talented Sarah's Bucket List CJ which was an absolute pleasure to look at, read and then make my mark in! It does really make you think and one of my concerns is that life is so very short so this has helped me shape a plan and feel better about things!

For the entry we had to list our Bucket List Top Ten - as in ten things we want to do before we die - then we had to create an entry for one of those as if we had already done it. So here's mine:

My top ten in case it's not clear in the pics is:

1. Have my dream holiday in Fiji
2. Spend time on a deserted Fijian Island
3. Swim/Float in the Pacific Ocean
4. See as much of the world as I can
5. Get RID of my ME/CFS
6. Overcome my eating/weight problems
7. Have my book, Rose Petals, published
8. Experience true inner peace and freedom
9. Learn to Hang Glide
10. See the earth from space

The background is violet and teal paint with lots of white, then I've stamped various shapes and words in the background such as no regrets which are probably only clear in real life. 

So which one did I choose to have already done?

My number one! Fiji... I printed a map of the Fijian Islands out and created a pocket inside which is a postcard that I've made 

The postcard is of a specific resort that I want to stay at, the room has it's own private beach and is in total seclusion... my idea of heaven!!!

I've written on the back as though I'm there having the time of my life.

I enjoyed this so much that I am going to create my own art journal page of it. It gave me real hope that one day I may just achieve my dreams :o) Keep Crafting. Sian xxx

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  1. This is fab Sian! and I'm glad that you enjoyed making the page so much .... hopefully just for a second it transported you off to Fiji, if only in your imagination :)

    My ideal holiday is a bit different, I don't do beaches :) maybe for a day trip .... :)