Saturday, 18 May 2013

Rock Gods

A fabulous swap on UKS run by the lovely and talented Rebecca, we all chose a rock god/band then we were given a swap partner and we had to create a fan pack for them as if they'd joined a fan club. You had to make at least two items and you could buy the rest.

I was given HIM and I was quite pleased. I'm not a fan myself but I'm a fan of Kat Von D and she's a fan so I knew a little about them already and their famous heartagram symbol.

So for the fan pack I included:

Welcome Letter
Handmade minibook
Design printed on t-shirt transfer paper
"Signed" photos
Heartagram badge
Heartagram belt buckle
Heartagram necklace
HIM bag

and here they are:

Here is the Welcome Letter:

The "Signed" photos obviously aren't real. They are internet images that I printed onto photo paper, one of Ville Vallo now and one of him much younger:

This lovely pink and silver belt buckle was courtesy of ebay. It's pretty heavy!

What is a fan pack without a badge?!

This necklace was laser cut to my specifications:

I loved this feminine but cool bag:

This is size A5 and can be transferred to a t-shirt or material using an everyday iron. Simples!

And here's the mini book which took me the longest. I created it on Craft Artist using a purple heartagram design made half transparent as the background for all the pages which are held together with a piece of black card scored every half inch then folded concertina style. The pages are attached to the folds. A technique my lovely mum taught me! (thanks mum!)

The front:

Page 1 is about Ville the lead singer as it without him there would be no HIM...

Page two show a piccy of the band in a gorgeous frame from Craft Artist which I used throughout. It explains how they became HIM, instead of His Infernal Majesty:

Page 4 shows the band's line up present and past:

Page 4 is an old picture of the band showing their sense of humour:

Page 6 is their discography or list of albums to date:

And a darker picture of Ville, looking rather like Johnny Depp I think:

Page 7 talks about the heartagram, the well-known symbol created by Ville on his 20th birthday. Kat Von D has tattoos of it and has used it in her tattoo guns:

Page 8 a large picture of the symbol:

Pages 9 - 12 are all abotu Ville's tattoos as he has a lot and is well known for them:

Finally is a picture with a quote about music...

A picture of the band:

And the back is another fan pic:

So now all that's left is to post it and hope that Jane like it :)

Keep Crafting! Sian xxx


  1. Thats a great Fan pack, love the purple!

  2. I didn't just like it, I loved and adored it! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful pack for me Sian, you are a star! x

  3. Sian that is amazing, the mini book is lovely.

  4. Stan, that is amazing. Wow - I am speechless (and that doesn't happen very often!). Brilliant! Thank you.

  5. Sian, my friend Sarah sent me over here for a look since I am a huge HIM fan. First, what a cool project! Second, well done! I can imagine it is not easy to present a band that you do not know or not a fan of - so this is indeed a generous gift to honor the band and the recipient. Bravo!

  6. Sarah mentioned you'd popped over :) Thanks everyone for the comments :)