Saturday, 11 May 2013

Chunky... and not of the Kit Kat variety!

The Chunky ATC swap has been going for some time on UKScrappers and I've never fancied it.... until I received a mysterious package through the post with a message challenging me to have a go! It turned out that the sender was the lovely Chrissie, host of the Chunky swaps, and so I joined the 7th swap entitled, Seventh Heaven. The theme I got was Vintage Nature/Shabby Chic. I was unsure at first but then remembered my swap partner, Chris, likes Graphic 45.

I'm pleased with it for my first attempt, and I really enjoyed doing it so hope to take part in more from now on! Here's my first chunky that isn't covered in chocolate!

Chris seems happy with it so now I get to sit back and wait for mine :) Keep Crafting. Sian xxx


  1. oh that is gorgeous, are you sure it's your first time? I'm sure Chris will love it.

  2. Well done .. that is gorgeous!! I do hope you keep joining in the swap .. that way I may get one of yours!!!

  3. Wow Sian, that is simply stunning! Well done on such an amazing chunky debut - I hope you get to make my next one!

  4. Gorgeous Sian utterly utterly gorgeous!