Thursday, 2 February 2012

More fairy door magic

I am absolutely amazed at the talent of the ladies in the UKScrappers Fairy Door Swap. Apart from the pictures I've seen on the site I've been lucky enough to receive 3 beautiful doors from 2 very talented ladies. First of all Kay sent me her gorgeous door, perfect shape, beautifully made and a treasure for my home. She went the extra mile and included a beautiful fairy to go with my door. It sits on a special window sill where I keep a few of my special treasures:

Then I sent off my first door which I made from part of a chipboard name book. The page with the letter E turned to the side looked like a miniature castle so I decided a miniature castle I was going to make. I also had some chipboard fencing and ambitious as it was I was determined to create a fence around the castle adorned with flowers. Finally I added the door in gorgeous Hunkydory card, I wanted something pretty and shiny for a magical feel. The sign reads, "Away with the Fairies":

Not long after I received not one, but TWO unbelievable doors from Pauline. She couldn't decide what to go for so made me two. First of all one in my absolute favourite colours purple and turquoise and seondly a more natural wooden style door, complete with a welcome mat and kitty and a broom. The doors are beyond beautiful. I really can't describe them and im sure the pics do not do them justice:

Finally I decided my other door was a bit too plain. I had gone for a natural and plainish look on purpose due to my other one being rather sparkly and pretty but fairies are fairies and they need some pretty now don't they? So I added a few bits here and there and a fairy scene on the back...

So there is all the fairy magic of the Magical Fairy Door Swap, hopefully I shall have an abundance of magical fairies arriving in my home through my gorgeous doors...

Beautiful People

Well Im really pleased that I've finished my latest entry on the "Rock Ressurected" Circle Journal that Im still over the moon to be a part of. This CJ from Liz is all about the ultimate feel-good rock song. I really struggled with this theme at first as I took feel-good to mean happy, bouncy, joyful smily. Then I received the book and was really pleased to find that Liz actually meant rock songs that make you feel like a bad-ass! Because lets face it rock and metal isn't about being happy its about being cool and feeling cool - and sometimes angry - but not really happy unless you're talking cheesy rock - and Im not opposed to prancing about to Living on a Prayer I can tell you!

So I sat with itunes on and listened to a variety of songs that I've loved over the years including Korn, System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine and let myself feel the music so I could truly choose a song that always has and still does make me feel baaaad! And eventually I found it:

"Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson. And I got to use my favourite Stampotique stamps. Here's the pics:

The rule was that it had to be flat which was a challenge because it meant really having to create.

The journaling reads... "Are you one of the Beautiful People?" Marilyn manson shouted to the crown at Reading festival, 1997. I screamed, "Yeeeeeeeeees!!" I was a lone voice surrounded by a lot of people who had clearly never herad of him. They were all indie fans. And me? Well, I was ROCK!!!

Thsi song epitomises one of the things i love about rock music - freaking "normal" people out. Queuing up at the Krazy House club in Liverpool, "normals" would shout "freak" and "weirdo" at us not realising that it was a compliment. They never seemed to get that "Beautiful People" come in all different packages.

this isn't a pretty rock song its truly alternative not a song that non fans can really appreciate (especially if watching the vidoe) its freaky and its weird and its cool and its makes me feel...

Hope Liz likes it. xxx