Monday, 21 November 2011

Keeping in touch with my youth!

When I was asked to create a birthday card for a 12 year old girl who loves Cher Lloyd I really didn't have a clue where to start! What do I know about 12 year old girls? What do I know about Cher Lloyd?

My first port of call was Cher's website and as it happened that had everything I needed! On the colourful website i found a competition to create an album cover for Cher and to help you was a downloadable "fan pack" of Cher-style images.

And so the idea was born - I wanted to create a record and sleeve an idea that initiated from the "Rock Ressurected" CJ that I'm involved in. One of the participants Flo has asked us to create album covers. We also send CDs of our favourite music round with the CJ and another participant has used CDs that look like vinyl records.

So mash these ideas altogether and I came up with this:

It is the size of a 7inch single - for those of us that remember 7 inch singles!!! The record card slips out of the album sleeve just like a real record. The back of the album cover has the track listing which also doubles as the verse. I've used Cher's current single as inspiration for the verse.

The card has an A side and a B side. I attached the two "records" with some black mirror card.

Let's just hope she likes it :) Personally Im proud of it and thought it looked pretty amazing in the flesh!

Beautiful things...

I've just returned from a trip to Bristol and whilst I was there I decided I wanted to visit Glastonbury - I've always wanted to go and I was too close to pass up the chance. All the shops and streets are so pretty and full of lovely things. I didn't find a craft shop - not that I searched - but I did find a shop where the assistants dress like fairies every day and inside this lovely little shop was a beautiful beautiful book just waiting to be bought by me and used in an altered art/scrapbooking/crafting capacity.

So of course I "had" to buy it:

My plan now is to fill it up! So I will keep you updated as to how that's going - the main problem I have is starting - once I've got going I will be fine but what is the first thing you add to such a beautiful book?

Hopefully I will decide soon!