Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Two Sides

I've just completed a somewhat impulsive entry into Helen's CJ for the Mojobusters 3 group on UKScrappers. It is an Anything Goes art journal and in that spirit, I got out some sprays I wanted to use then went through my stamps and just started creating and 3 - 4 hours later viola!

Here is what turned out to be quite a personal page:

The two Lavinia stamps either side of the page reminded me that there are two sides to me:

"I have two sides - one that is shy that hides beneath the flowers in the shade and is happy there. 
I am careful and gentle and quiet."

"The other side of me rolls down hills and is first on the swings at the park.
I am carefree and impulsive and free"

"Not everyone know this because I don't let many people see"

The last line comes from my very guarded and distrustful nature and is why I added the eyes and beware/skull stamp to show this. I stamped them both on tissue paper and used Mod Podge to attach them. They are both Paperartsy stamps. the foliage and flowers are JOFY.

I hope Helen likes it. I'm already planning my next entry... so much to do! I must...

Keep Crafting! Sian xxx

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  1. Oh that's a beautiful entry Sian and lovely to document your two sides. I'm looking forward to this one