Friday, 10 May 2013


After a mishap involving me posting this CJ to myself at a cost of £4.10 I've finally posted off this month's entry for the Storybook CJ on UKScrappers. This amaaazing monster shaped box complete with snapping mouth, sharp teeth and googly eyes (I should have taken a photo!) had a book enclosed for us to complete two DLOs on any monster mentioned in the Harry Potter books. 

Not having read the books and only having seen the first and last films I was fortunate that the owner had added a great website with a list! I read through and two of them jumped out at me:

Runespoor and Hag

Runespoor is a three headed snake, the left head is the planner and comes up with all the ideas and decides where the snakes are going, the middle head is the dreamer and lives in a world of fantasy and the right head is the critic and often gets bitten off by the other two for it's constant negative aggression! I read this and immediately a comic picture came to mind of a conversation between the three heads. 

I've also been determined to try and do some drawing lately and had some success and some failures but after googling easy to draw snake I managed to come up with my Runespoor:

Above them I drew thought bubbles: 

Planner head says, "Hey you two I have a plan
Dreamer head says: "Great! I'll help you turn it into a brilliant vision"
Critic head says, "Don't bother! I bet it's rubbish!"

Then I turned my attention to the Hag! A horrible witch like creature but with more warts - euk! I went digital for this one as I had a great picture, a great swamp like background and the perfect font:

So I hope it's ok, the whole book together looks fabulous! The last CJ is Nursery Rhymes then I shall be getting my Enchanted Wood back :) Keep Crafting. Sian xxx

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  1. These are fab! The Monster Book was so lovely eh x tasha ( teeshirt)