Friday, 4 January 2013

Word Play

I received my journal, Word Play, back today meaning the end of From the Ashes CJ (part 1). I absolutely love what everyone has done and feel so happy that I chose this subject and thrilled to pieces at the work that everyone has put it to make this such a beautiful work of art. Thank you so much my Ashes friends :)

The instruction booklet looks like this:

and includes a large - two page - list of words to choose from. Once you've chosen one (or more) words you then just create an art journal page based on that word. Words mean a lot to me and now this journal does too :)

Everyone was asked to complete a matching tag with their name and any details of their work on it.

I've chopped the bottom off on purpose as it has my address on!

I started the ball rolling using the words Rainfall and Safe. The noise of rainfall makes me feel safe and I have a cd of rain noises that I play when I need to feel that safety. I left the LO simple because what I had to say was quite simple.

Next was Karen's amazingly gorgeous colourful Dancing Queen. She's managed to blend a host of stunning colours without muddying them up creating a stunning background and she's used one of my favourite Stampotique images :) :

Then Chris's powerful message about not being scared of the unknown. I love butterflies and nature and Chris has managed to swirl colours together to create this beautiful piece.

Marie's bright, cheerful Sunshine stands out and makes you smile as soon as you see it. I love the Dylusions flowers and quote and the happiness of this gorgeous page!

Yolanda's amazing fairy page is magical and she wouldn't know this but that silhouette picture she has used is one of my all time favourites and I have considered it as a tattoo :o) I love the blend of colours she has used.

Tracy has used two of my favourite colours red and purple to make this beautiful heartfelt piece

Sally went for the word, scared, and created this gorgeous piece of deep colours and stamping with a gorgeous mirrored image.

And last but certainly not least the lovely Chrissie has mixed gorgeous shades of purple, turquoise and green and managed to most definitely sum me up with the words Unique and Awesome haha! Actually she summed up the women on this CJ who are all unique and awesome and have created pieces of art to match. I also love the woman who is "trying on moods" - I must use that next time I'm trying to explain my current mood to hubby.

Thank you once again to everyone for making this a really special collection or art that I will treasure forever. Sian xxx

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  1. Your journal is gorgeous, I'm glad to have been a part of it :)