Friday, 12 October 2012


I realised that I only ever blog swaps or CJs here at Live Scrap Love so I thought I'd be brave and blog some other "stuff" of mine!

Starting off small, here's a little card I made to accompany something very small I was sending somebody - I didn't want to put it alone in an envelope as it would be flimsy. It's made using stampin up card, Tim Holtz stamps and an image from a Jem's Design's goth CD.

I rarely if ever post my scrapbook pages, not sure why but here's a few - some my favourites, some just happen to be recent pages:

Ok, onto art journaling... a recentish discovery of mine and something I love and hope to love for the rest of forever! I've got Kate Crane's art journaling dvds and that is where the majority of my inspiration comes from - and Dyan Reaveley. In fact I've just booked a course at Art From the Heart, something I've wanted to do for aaaages! Here's some backgrounds, for those of you familiar with Kate Crane's DVDs you will be able to spot what I've done a mile off haha.

And here's one I finished ages ago... hoping to improve my technique but not bad for a newbie-ish

And finally some cards I've made over the years:

(real smarties - yummy!)

Ok that's it for tonight. Still busy making lots of things so hope to blog again soon! One of these days I will blog regularly :oD Sian xxx

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  1. Oh you've been busy - what course have you booked at AFTH? Loving the art journal pages - gorgeous!