Sunday, 7 October 2012

Linkin Park

The end of another era... last night I completed my final entry for the fantastic Rock Ressurected CJ I've been a part of for a year now. The final CJ was Linkin Park by Virginia and it's amazing, really well made! Virginia is a very giving person and I know she has a tendency to finish of people's CJs if there are still empty pages at the back. So I thought I'd do the same for her. There were 4 pages left but I inadvertently stuck two of them together so that left 3.

We were asked to choose a Linkin Park song, create a LO, suggest some music that Virginia would like and then create our own symbol.

I chose "Lost in the Echo" as my first song - I LOVE the video and it gave me the idea for my LO which you will understand if you've seen the video which I'm sure Virginia has.

For music I chose Ani DiFranco and the Voodoo Queens. And my first symbol is a Yin Yang symbol to represent balance.

The second song I chose is Numb. Again I love the video and its message. 

For the music this time I chose Two Steps From Hell who I have only recently discovered. This time my symbol was a purple shield with wings as I'm a very guarded person. The full explanation of each symbol is written on the back for Virginia to read.

Finally I chose Crawling, a song I've always loved.

For music I chose The Pretty Reckless' cover of Seven Nation Army which I only heard when I heard them live, supporting Evanescence. My final symbol was a Rock Angel symbolising my love of rock music and the freedom of dancing.

So I hope it all lives up to what has come before as I was intimidated by this journal before it even came to me having seen it on Virginia's blog when she made it. I will be sending it home this week to complete it's circle and await mine from Karen :o)

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  1. you're a star, Sian, finishing off the whole book :)

    looking great, Virginia will love it!