Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Beauty and the Beast... ROCK!!! (and some colour)

I've changed puters again! I'd borrowed hubby's laptop but now thanks to my lovely parents lending me the money on the special daughter's payment plan I've got my very own lovely little purple lappy :oD So I've been busy transferring everything again! I've decided to leave most of my stuff on my external hard drive to save space and to save time. I'm sure one day this laptop will die (sorry laptop don't listen to this bit) and I don't want to have to worry that I've lost everything... again... anyway onto crafty business. I've been a busy bee and have some piccies for you...

First of all I've been finishing off my entries for the fantastic Rock Ressurected CJ on UKScrappers. It's my first experience of a CJ and it's been a brilliant one full of talented women into rock music (what's better than that?!). The first entry I completed was in what's become known as the Rock Disney CJ from Jasmine. It's a beautiful leather bound work of art. Jasmine asked for inspiration from the films/tv, what songs were we introduced to through the silver screen, and what rock stars would be paid millions to be in a re-make of a Disney film? Well Jas, I think I have the answers you're looking for!!! May I present to you all...

Beauty and the Beast ROCK!!!

Have you guessed it yet????....

So there you have it... my answer to one of the greatest questions known to womankind. Well, perhaps not! ;) This part of the entry (yes there's more, there's more) is in mini book form, overleaf I've done a layout about a tv program that influenced me throughout my twenties and introduced me to lots of music including to the fabulous Bif Naked - another lady with tattooed arms like myself....

And my sign-in/explanation.

So I hope it's entertaining enough for Jas and you never know it could happen...

I also completed an entry for Clare's Colours CJ. We were to make an entry based on a colour found in a band name or song... after much, much, much (and a bit more) deliberation i opted fro GREEN day. I created two different entries and threw them both away because frankly they were awful and ended up scraplifting something I found on the net that I loved.... here it is...

The backgrounds are done with the gorgeous Dylusions sprays and a Tim Holtz grunge stamp, the border is a Dylusions stamp and the writing of some of my favourite Green day songs is done simply with a black pen and a white pen. We also had to create a matching spine mount. I like the way the sprays blend together so well. Hopefully it's the right size for Clare. Unfortunately her CJ went awol so we are helping her to recreate it. I hadn't already done an entry but some others had so they are very graciously creating another one for Clare.

Ok that's it from Rock Ressurected for now. I have one more entry to do.... Linkin Park. Looking forward to it!

Bye for now.... keep rocking! \m/ Sian xx


  1. Oh my Sian talk about a high level of entry into the Rock Disney one I'm really going to have to pull something out of the magic hat to match up to your amazing entry into it! Crikey this will be a challenge.

    Loving the colours one too, I haven't got around to doing that one yet boo hiss - I could do with knowing whose done what colour as Green Day was on my list, but now I know that's done I can cross it off, just not sure who else has done what.

    Hope you are having a great day!



  2. Wow Sian, that Disney entry looks like a whole CJ in itself. Brilliantly imaginative and your choice of characters is inspired. Love all the entries.

  3. blimey you've been busy!! all looking brilliant!