Friday, 23 March 2012

Through My Window & Some ATCs

Hello :)

I've just completed an entry for a Circle Journal called "Through My Window". It was what you wanted to see through your window and it could be ANYTHING. And I was glad as although looking at my back garden, my neighbours back garden, the street over there and the East Lancs road is quite nice (believe me I've had much much worse views) if I could choose to see anything its unlikely my imagination would stop there. Instead my imagination went here...

So what is through my window? The text reads... "Through my window I see art and beauty everywhere, every colour and wonder of nature, every season and all of time brought together in harmony. I see dream upon wings and hear music that sings to my soul. I see poetry written upon flowers and under the stars a moonlit swing waits for me beneath rustling trees that glisten with magic."

The bottom two pictures are my matching sign in tag.

Now... ATCs. I joined the ATC swap in March because there was no tag swap and it was a free subject. I was itching to do something that wasn't confined to a specific subject as a lot of my swaps have had quite set themes lately. So I had to create 5 ATCs on whatever I liked. I rarely create the same piece twice and so I made 5 different ones and here they are:

1/5 - "Freedom"

2/5 - "Punk Rock Giraffe" (Octopode digital image)

3/5 - "Penny Farthing" - Stampotique image

4/5 - "The Hangover" - Octopode Factory image

5/5 - "Dreamer" - (using Anna Dabrowska-Pecocka's Dreamer papers)


  1. Just love your 'Through my window' layout. Its beautiful