Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spaghetti or No Spaghetti?

I've just completed my latest entry for the UKScrappers Rock Ressurected Circle Journal. This month was Sarah's amazing idea of creating a box filled with records and empty record sleeves. The challenge was to pick an album we loved but whose cover we thought was well... rubbish! Then we had to create a better version.

I decided to go for Guns N Roses' "The Spaghetti Incident". The reason being it is an album full of punk cover songs and the cover is a plate of spaghetti - and Im not talking lovely spag bol either Im talking spaghetti out of a tin. Take a peek:

With it being punk, I decided to create a cover that was punk inspired. I had a look at a number of punk covers, punk art and the punk style and tried several different versions of the final cover. I tried stamping, painting, cutting, gluing... but the one I preferred the most was one I created digitally then stamped over with a Tim Holtz stamp using bright pink and bright yellow. So here's the reveal...

The record reads: "I chose this album because I love GNR and their Appetite for Destruction cover was amazing but this - yuck! Apparently it's an in joke to do with a fight involving spaghetti that the police called "The Spaghetti Incident". But it's a punk album so I've tried to bring the cover back to PUNK with punk inspired alpha and stamping. I've used bright colours associated with punk art and possibly the only early picture of GnR NOT wearing glam outfits, makeup and hair! It was the punkiest pic I could find. I defo feel less sick looking at this new cover!"

Oh and I realised after I'd finished that my record opens from the top not the side - ahh well, call me a rebel! And that's what punk is all about!

Hope you like it Sarah xx


  1. Oh that's awesome much better than the original album - I love it! No idea which album I will do when that one arrives - maybe should start thinking about that one LOL!

  2. Well I lasted until 4:24pm, better than I thought I would :)

    LOVE this - it's a huuuuuuge improvement on the original cover :) that yellow and shocking pink is a classic punk rock colour combo. And doesn't Slash look adorably young :)