Saturday, 28 September 2013

Frankenstein's Laboratory

Frankenstein's lab? Yep that was the subject for the lovely Gill that I was to create from a chunky - which is a 3 inch by 2 inch wide and deep block of wood! Fortunately an idea formed and I went on to create my very own monster of a chunky...

So what have I done to this poor block of wood? Well I painted it silver, then I cut two strips of craft metal and attached Tim Holtz pulley wheels to them then glued the metal strips to the wood... I made two leather straps and attached Tim Holtz buckles to one side of the chunky and one end of the straps to the other. 

I pulled a leg and arm from a poor pound shop doll (my dogs thoroughly enjoyed pulling apart the rest of her!) and tried not to gag as I squeezed fake blood on them. I'm not squeamish about blood it's just the fake stuff I don't like eugh! I glued the leg and arm on once the blood had dried then fastened the straps.

I stamped and coloured Dylusions bones, splatters, eyeballs and lab jars (I know Gill likes Dylusions) and glued them all over, I didn't clean up the glue marks as I hoped it added to the messiness of a monster creating laboratory. Finally I attached fake blood smeared tools with some craft wire hung messily off one of the straps - an axe, hammer, saw and pliers - just what Dr. Frankenstein would need! :oD

I hope Gill likes it, it stands still but you can also wheel it around. The wheels aren't as steady as I hoped but they are secure enough to wheel around a table or a hard floor.

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  1. Oh Siany, I really need to keep up with your blog more often. I think this is so inventive and fab! I love it, and the scary door too.

  2. Fabulous take on the ATC Chunky Halloween theme, great work. Lou x