Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Secret Vices...

As part of a swap I'm in called Secret Vices we had to create "something" based on the vices given by another random member of the group. I got the lovely Frances who listed her vices as:

1. Not tidying after crafting
2. Hidden objects games
3. Chocolate

(Specifically Frances likes dark chocolate coffee creams)

So I decided to go for a Secret Book which would hold some hidden object games using some before pictures of my tip of a craft room, which also fit Frances' theme of never tidying her craft room up :o)

So here's the pics - Front Cover:

Intro page:

5 Hidden Object games where Frances has to find ten items in the mess that "was" my craft room 
(of course it's a perfect haven of tidiness now - not!)

The hidden drawers that make this a secret book:

I've put lots of goodies inside the drawers as I know Frances has a "thing" for making chunky ATCs and I'm hoping she will find a use for it all :o)

There's a lot of metal bits and pieces in the middle and right hand drawer.

And finally... the back:

But of course the swap wouldn't be complete without sending Frances some of her favourite chocolates would it... and i was really pleased that the box (when it finally arrived) was the same colour, shape and size as my book :o)

I'm blogging this prior to posting so I hope Frances likes it... if I publish it we can take that as a yes she did, phew!

Keep Crafting. Sian xxx


  1. Oh YES, a most definite YES to liking it!!! THANK YOU ... yummy!

  2. MMM off the Frances house!
    Love the little drawers