Sunday, 13 May 2012

Alice ATC Book

As part of a "Secret Swappers" group on UKScrappers we have a few projects going, one of which is an ATC book on the theme of Alice in Wonderland.There are 14 of us and each person picked a theme within the theme and made 14 ATCs. These will then be sent to our talented host Rebecca who will assemble one of each in a little book for us. Having seen some of the other ATCs Im really excited about getting this little book back.

For my theme I chose keys, locks and playing cards. I had some gorgeous paper from 7 Dots Studio designed by one of my favourite mixed media artists Anna Debrowska-Pecocka called "Wonderland" Alice themed grungy paper. Some of the papers have a playing card theme.

For each ATC I cut two pieces so I could glue 3 sides together leaving the top unglued. Before I glued them I inked 14 chipboard keyholes and 14 keys. I cut a hole in the front piece of the ATC so when i attached the keyhole to it you could see through the hole. I then attached the two ATC pieces together. I cut 14 small rectangles and wrote a quote from Alice on the front and signed the back, punched a hole in them and attached them to the keys with thread. I wrote pull me on all the keys. I printed another alice quote out ("There were door all round the hall but they were all locked") and attached it to the front of the ATCs around the keyholes then slipped the rectangular quote inside leaving the key hanging out.
So if that makes any sense, here they all are together...
I put some of the keyholes dead centre but others I placed depending on the pattern of the paper and the oddly placed keyholes are my favourites. Here are two of them...

The one on the left is my favourite :o) Once you pull the key this handwritten quote comes out....

And turn it over and you see my name and the number on the back...
So I hope my fellow swapees like them and as I said Im really excited to get the little book back...
Siân :o)


  1. Oh they look lovely Sian xx

  2. Beautiful Sian - love them all and I love Alice!

  3. They are great Sian, and they will be such a lovely addition to the book.

  4. Oh my Sian! Inspired or what! Can't wait to see mine.

  5. Had to comment again. I've only just had time to look at them properly and they are well fabulous and such lovely details. Thank you my dear!

  6. These are gorgeous!I'm sure everyone will be happy to receive one!