Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Letter to my childhood self...

A really good subject, this was Gill's CJ for the Jolly Journallers on UKScrappers. 
I have done a lot of personal development work and written several letters to my past selves for various reasons so it was nice to write another. 
Here's my page:

I covered the entire page with gelli prints I'd made which was a FAB and easy way of getting a great background and it so happened that I'd made some using my new Stencil Girl stencil with past present and future on which I felt was fitting. I used my favourite washi tape around the edge then I wrote the letter on a piece of scrap paper on my desk. 

The letter says:
"Dear Siân, I want you to know you do NOT have to sit quietly and be bullied. SPEAK UP. 
You have a voice. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and you will find it. Then use it. 
You will NOT regret it. I love you. Siân xxx" 
There's a p.s under the image.... 
P.S. Magazines do not contain role models. Find real role models - not "beautiful" ones!

As a child I feel I was quiet and put up with a lot, too shy and afraid to say anything. If I could change anything I'd take that fear away and encourage myself to value my own voice much more.

Thanks Gill for a great CJ :o)

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  1. Love your background Sian. I wish I could be as free and uninhibited with my gelli plate backgrounds as you are, but it's just not happening x