Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Found Poem...

I bought a book a few days ago called Raw Art Journaling. I originally bought it because I read it had ways to journal in code or in secret which I would enjoy. The book itself is about art journaling without having to have lots of different paints, tools and fancy brushes - some techniques require only a pencil and a journal. One of the first ideas in it is something called Found Poetry. This involves opening a magazine, book or anything with words that you don't mind cutting up. You cut out any words or phrases that speak to you or that you like the sound of. After you've got q good number you arrange them to make a poem, saying or story. I love poetry and quotes so I really took to this idea and decided to try it for a swap I'm in on UKS.

The swap is to decorate a 7x5inch canvas in any style you wish. I cut my words out, gathered some paints and papers and a Donna Downey saying I'd cut out on my silhouette a few days ago and I put them all together and made this:

The saying I created from magazine cut outs and the Donna Downey file is, 

"Inspiration is dreaming of angel hair, fairy wings and flowers.
 Creativity is to paint the vividness and intensity of your dreams."

The main fairy image is a dufex image called Wood Fairy. All the other images come from digikits which I printed through Craft Artist 2. I painted the background with white, pink and purple paints and added some torn papers one of which was a lilac paper with dreams printed on it.

So I hope whoever ends up with it likes it. Keep Crafting. Siân xxx

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  1. Oh Sian that's beautiful, I love the colours you've used - it looks magical!