Sunday, 9 December 2012

Blue Paint

I seem to be using lots of blue paint this month - sky blue to be precise - not sure why I'm so drawn to it but it's featuring heavily in my crafts! Perhaps I'm longing for blue skies... The first layout I completed was for a CJ on UKScrappers called Today I'm Feeling... I started it on a day where I was feeling calm and peaceful so that's what I did. I ended it on a day where my time of month meant I wasn't feeling so calm or peaceful in fact I could have quite happily rippe... well that's another story but completing the pages meant I did feel better so it turned out to be very therapeutic in the end. Here it is:

I used Tim Holtz alphabet masks, a cloud shape, Tim Holtz stamps, Ali-craft stamp and collage birds from Lisa's Altered Art. Everything on the page was a reflection of how I felt that day.

For the sign in we had to provide a mug shot and a criminal name and explain what we would be arrested for. I chose "Tattoo (Gr)Anny" and was arrested for not caring what I will look like aged 60 because of my tattoos! This is because it annoys me that as a heavily tattooed female people want to know how I'm going to feel aged 60 whereas NONE of my heavily tattooed male counterparts have ever been asked that question! Next time I'm asked what I'm going to do when I'm 60 about my tattoos I'll only have one answer... "get another one!" I like the attitude on the girl's face I reckon tattoo (gr)anny would face the camera! 

So onwards and upwards... the next post has more blue paint! Keep Crafting. Sian xx

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