Sunday, 23 October 2011

In Pieces

I don't believe in just scrapping happy occasions. I want to leave my scrapbooks to my nephews and I want them to know that life isn't always happy, that it can be heart-wrenchingly sad. But that's ok its all part of the rich experience of life.

Im taking a class called "Pretty Paper Party" by the talented and lovely Shimelle in which she is encouraging us by fantastic prompts to use our pretty papers. So tonight I took the challenge. I used pretty paper, I cut into it and left it in pieces! Which is fitting for my subject.

My husband is often in pieces. He copes with problems many people can't conceive of on a daily basis. Im not sure he was ever given the chance to be whole. But I try to offer him that chance. So I chose to scrap about that.

Here are the papers when they were whole:

 This one is DOUBLE SIDED (see below)

Then I cut them into pieces:
And I came up with this layout:

inspired by Darren Hayes song, "Bloodstained Heart".

All the pieces come together to make a new whole. I think that's what happens when you love someone. You help them pick up the pieces and make themselves a new whole. There's no going back to who you used to be its about finding a way forward with people who won't leave you in pieces.

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