Monday, 17 October 2011

Can there be too much of a good thing?

I teach a ten week scrapbooking for beginners class at the charity I am lucky to work for and as such I always feel the need to keep up my professional development and learn from those who have been doing it a lot longer than I.

So I recently enrolled on a  Create 10 Class called the Collector's Diarywhich involves altering an old journal. Like the author I have many (too many) notebooks that are half filled but I won't throw them out for various reasons and I have one in particular that I bought on holiday in St. Ives and had been feeling bad that I had mis-used it or not used it well enough because its so beautiful - well now I have the chance to alter it and make it beautiful again. I shall keep you posted as to how it turns out...

But one class wasn't enough - I am admittedly obsessed with crafting - thoroughly immersed in the world of altered art and it is all I want to do in my spare time other than spending time with my amazing family. Soooo I joined another class with the ultra talented Shimelle called ""Learn Something New" a class she has been running successfully since (I believe) 2006 and which runs each year.

But... two classes just weren't enough! Her yummy cupcake blog has a whole list of exciting classes so I joined another... this time "Pretty Paper Party" for ideas on how to use all that gorgeous paper we have in our stash that's too nice to use

But... three classes just wasn't enough! So I joined a fourth! Another of Shimelles called "So you think you know me" - is it narcissitic to love to scrap oneself? Well I do. Love to scrap myself that is. I do believe all the personal development work I have done over the last 20 years are a big part of the reason I feel happy now finally in my 30s and learning about yourself is a life long journey. I'd love ot look back on a family member's personal scrapbook and so I hope to leave future generations a personal scrapbook about myself - an ordinary but contented woman. So bearing this in mind this 4th class was of course a necessity!

But... four classes just wasn't enough! Actually Im kidding - its more than enough as Im already doing a years Diploma in Philosophy and a Qualification in Papercraft... that's six

Now my favourite number is SEVEN!


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  1. Wow you've seriously got your work cut out! I too enjoy Shimelle's classes, never quite 'got' learn something new every day, but love the Journal your Christmas every year, it's amazing to look back on year on year! Now you must tell as you go if you are enjoying it - like the look of the notebook class - I too have many many that I won't throw away!